Gay Dating In 2015

Many of us have been through the Grinder so to speak (pardon the pun) trying to find the right people to meet near us. A friend told me about this site for casual personals called Amatuer Match that I’ve been trying out. They have a lot of straights on there, but I was surprised to find a ridiculous amount of people like me (gay) searching on there as well. Well, long story short I’ve had way more success with it than Grinding it out, so I wanted to pass it along to anyone that it may help. You can find the site at

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Resolution 8A – it’s Anti-Gay.

At General Synod this week, the Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Down & Dromore are tabling a series of motions on human sexuality. These motions were not produced in time for inclusion in the normal debate of the General Synod, but are being tabled to be heard only if two-thirds of the Synod present and voting allow them to be heard. As lesbian, gay, and bisexual members of the Church of Ireland we feel that these motions ought to be kicked into touch and brought back at another time with further, proper consideration.